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How it works

Models are javascript code -- use your browser's view source mode (often ctrl-u, or prepend view-source: to the URL on mobile) on the demos to see the code that generates the demo models. When viewing the HTML files in a browser, you can adjust the parameters of the model before running it to generate the geometry of the object. To make your own object or hack on one of the demos, save nt3d.js and one of the demo .html files locally, edit the .html file with your favorite text editor, and view it in a browser (eg: with a file:/// URL, or try just opening it from your file browser). Your web browser is now 3D-modeling software, no 'net connection required!


Pretty Pictures

A flat, continuous strip coiled around the shape of a sphere. A tube that curves and twists. One of its loops passes through another loop. A serrated blade. Eleven teeth are shown, pointing up, with smooth, concave curves between them.

Ugly Pictures

(Gallery of fixed bugs.)
A torrus. The triangle surface tesselation on one side is in straight rows, but on the other side it is twisted. A torrus, except that a third of the shape is twisted around inside itself in a non-phisical way. A curved tube with a glitched gap in which the surface triangles cross over to the opposite side and back in a non-physical way. A heavily glitched ring in which about a tenth of the triangle faces on the ring have had one of their points moved to a line across the center of the ring